Spring 2016 - Rick is now living in Duluth, MN with his wife, Mary Jo.  They continue to perform with The 800s  when possible, and new projects are on the horizon, including an acoustic project, StoneWeather, and an as-yet-unnamed electric band, currently in the process of writing and rehearsing.  

Spring 2015 Rick has a new band, The 800s.  The band's debut release, "Another Midnight", is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming services. 


Eight Hundred Miles is Rick's solo recording. Musicians from Kansas City, Nashville, Austin, and New York participated in the sessions, adding color to the acoustic guitar driven songs; some stripped down and intimate, others rocking with a rootsy abandon.

Available at or via iTunes, Spotify, and other streaming services.



**Bruner writes songs and stories from the American experience . Warmly recommended, this musical journey.  

-John Gjaltema,

**Like all the best singer-songwriters, Rick Bruner's got stories to tell, and "Eight Hundred Miles" is chock full of 'em. There's a hint of John Martyn in Bruner's delivery which adds to the appeal, and on songs like St. Jacob's Well, the sound is augmented by ace guitarist Greg V who expands the vibe, without taking anything away from the song.  I think you'll agree that Rick Bruner may well be the complete singer-songwriter package. 

- Rob F,